Friday, October 17, 2008

Home for 1 month

Joshua has been home for one month. We think we've adjusted pretty well. In the last month, he's traveled to both Grandma and Grandpa's houses, made it through several church services, and a couple of baby showers, been to school 3 times, shopping many times, the doctor once (he got 4 shots), learned to suck his thumb, started smiling (not a lot, but occasionally we see a peek of one), and started sleeping through the night. That's quite an accomplishment for a little guy.

He's not such a little guy anymore though, he weighed 13 lbs. 9 oz at his 2 month appt, and that was 2 weeks ago!! He charms everyone he meets with his chubby cheeks and good looks, and is pretty laidback, unless he's hungry or gassy.

Today was a visit with M, Joshua's birthmom. She was glad to see him. We spent a few hours walking around the mall and talking. The best part for me was that at the end of the visit, I got to bring him home. He's ours - no going back. We have to wait for March or April to finalize the adoption, but there's no question that this little boy belongs in this family.

Over the next month, I expect even more changes. He will be dedicated at church on November 2, and get his 3 month pictures taken. He will dress as a pea pod for Halloween, and I'm sure I'll see some more smiles, and maybe even a rollover....this mama can't wait.

I go back to work on Monday. Part of me is ready, as I love my job, and the adult interaction I get there. However, I don't want to miss anything that Josh does. I'm thankful and very blessed to have wonderful daycare set up and I know he'll get great care with both his "babysitters".