Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Trying to stay busy this summer without spending a ton of money...challenging! I've been working quite a bit, between coordinating summer school and some conferences/classes.

We've been to Tommy Bartlett, both the show and the exploratory. Josh also got to go to a Day Out with Thomas a fe weekends ago. We hit up the Sauk County breakfast on the farm, and today he and dad went to Monona Dream Park. We've been to the splash pad a few times, the zoo, and he does swimming lessons and library story time once a week.

We're still hoping to get to Cave of the Mounds this summer, as well as spend a few days up at the cottage. We haven't been there in a while because of Chris's crazy work schedule. He used his vacation time last year for the cruise, so this year, we'll be relaxing at the cottage instead.

Josh will do a little summer school later in July to get him ready for 4K again in the fall. We decided to have him repeat 4k since he won't be 5 until August, and since last year, with the early childhood support, he didn't get the full 4k experience. We've also been working on "Bible school" at home which connects learning the letters of the alphabet with Bible stories. I may try Vacation Bible school with him also this summer.

We've had lots of time relaxing with friends too. For an unstructured summer, it sure has been busy!