Sunday, July 4, 2010

23 months

One month to go until I have a "terrible" 2 year old...

Well, not really...the greatest joy in my life is being Joshua's mom. Even in his terrible moments....and there are a few. :) Joshua's really started talking a lot more...he's using sentences, and making his needs known. One of his favorite things to do is boss people around and order them to "Sit!" (although he sometimes says the "sh" sound instead of the "s". When you ask him what a cat says, he growls...because Grandma Sue's cat growls at him. He loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. HIs favorite word is eat, followed closely by the word poop. He is fascinated by all things related to the bathroom, but hasn't quite yet connected sitting on the potty. We'll be working on that more!

As I type this, I'm sitting up at the family cottage on the 4th of July, and Joshua is napping. He wears himself out up here, swimming and playing in the water, chasing the dogs around, playing on the boat, eating, eating some more, taking walks, and eating. Sort of like the rest of us. Vacations are different now, since being mom is a full time job and doesn't stop when I'm on "vacation". I'm enjoying my summer home with him - but it's very busy. We've had something going on almost every day.

So I have one month left to go. I don't know why turning 2 is a big deal...he's seemed more like a kid for quite a while now, but 2 seems like the threshold of baby to kid. How many more things will he experience and learn in his next year, during the "terrific 2s"? How will he change? I love the sound of him saying, "Mama", and I want him to learn to say "Love you". Already his hugs and kisses and "zerbets" are the best and melt my heart. Cuddling before sleep time is my favorite. He's an affectionate, adventurous, independent, stubborn, magnificent little guy and I'm crazy about him!