Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New house

Well, we've taken the big step and become prospective homeowners. Our offer was accepted last week, and we're wading through all the paperwork and procedures. If all goes well, we should close on October 19th. I can hardly believe how quickly things have gone, we really started looking the beginning of August.

Our new home is in Poynette, which is just a few minutes up the highway from DeForest, where we live now. We will still be in DeForest often, since I work here, and since our great church is here. Anyone who wants to join in our painting party, let us know!!

This is my beautiful new kitchen. I love the glass fronted cabinets. Not so crazy about the pink countertop, but I can live with it.

And our backyard. Not sure yet whether or not we'll keep the pond, with a hoped for little one running around, it may not be the best idea. Even so, isn't this a pretty backyard??

This is our front entrance. We hope to paint the trim and add a trellis with some climbing morning glories to the front. That should spruce things up a lot!!

And finally, the deck off the master bedroom. Yes that's right, we have a deck off of our bedroom...sweet, huh? I'm sure it will look much like this once we move in, as Chris' green thumb ensures plenty of plant life around our house. Eventually, this may become a screened in porch, but for now....we're content.

Stay tuned...God is working out some major stuff right now, and we'll update as we can.

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