Friday, August 8, 2008

First doctor's appointment

I got to go to Joshua's doctor appt with him today. Everything looks good, he weighs 8 pounds now. His interim care home is wonderful, and I truly felt like mama today. I was able to do everything with him, and it felt great. Still not sure how long he'll have to be there, hoping he'll be able to come home soon.


Tracey said...


If you don't mind me asking...why is he in interim care?

Anonymous said...

He sure is a handsom lad!

Tanya Schoessow

Grandma b said...

You look wonderful holding Joshua. Motherhood becomes you!!!! Can't wait to actually see and hold our little grandbaby.


Grandma B

Rose C said...

I can't wait for J to come home!

Sheryl said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

He is a beautiful and precious gift! God bless and keep you as you go through the next weeks. When you can, come by Kids Junction (Princeton Club West), I'd love to see you and Joshua, bring grandma too :o)
Love and prayers, Sheryl Strommen