Friday, January 9, 2009

Post-placement visit

Our Social Worker visited last night for her 2nd post placement visit. Joshua was great, as usual. We talked for quite a bit about how things are going, what to expect next, and our next steps with Bethany.

We have an appointment on March 6 (my birthday) to drive to the agency in Waukesha, with Joshua, and fill out all the paperwork for court. That will be our final post placement visit, and pretty much the end of our formal relationship with Bethany Christian Services, although they will be available for questions or other things that come up. On March 17, they will file the paperwork here in Columbia County. They have to wait until the 17th, since Joshua came home on Sept. 17 and it has to be 6 months. Once they file, the court will let them know the date of our hearing, and they'll pass the info on to us. Joshua's "Gotcha Day" will likely be sometime in April. I'm hoping for a glorious spring day. I was surprised to learn that the SW doesn't come to the hearing, it's just for us and our families. I'm told that family court judges love adoption hearings, as it's one of the more positive aspects of their job.

In other news, Joshua is doing well. We haven't seen any teeth yet, but we've seen all the symptoms! He is reaching out for us a little and likes to watch Sadie walk around the room. He smiles and laughs, and "talks" to us quite a bit. He can roll on to his side from his back, but hasn't made it all the way over yet. On his tummy, he lays in crawling position, but doesn't really start to creep, and doesn't quite roll over yet. He loves his baby food, especially fruit.


Anonymous said...

Wow is he getting big :)

I'm glad to hear things are moving well. I can't wait to hear he is 100% yours no matter what!

Tanya Schoessow

Tracey said...

It's crazy how different agencys run things. We are having our second post placement visit at the end of this month and then in 90 days we go to court to finalize! God Bless...if feels so good to almost be done.

Mandy said...

Hey there! I tagged you in my blog.