Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm 21 months old!

Hi everyone! It's Joshua. Mama is really tired tonight, so she let me do the typing. She's tired because daddy's back to work (yea!), but he works in the evenings. So it's just mama and me all evening long. Mama's glad I go to bed at 7. She makes me do a lot of stuff before that - I think she's trying to wear me out!

I learned to say "go", "I help", "wow", and "Sadie"...that's a lot for me. The doctor was a little worried that I wasn't learning words fast enough, but when they checked it out more, they decided that I was just fine. They'll check me again when I turn 2, but I know that I'll have a lot to say then.

I LOVE the park. It's my favorite place to go. I like swinging and the twisty slide. Mama has to go on the twisty slide with me, but it's still lots of fun. I have so much fun that it's really hard when mama says time to leave. Sometimes I have to ride in the stroller back home, since I would rather stay and play.

Mama gets to stay home with me all summer. She's gonna let me have swimming lessons again, and we're gonna do all kinds of fun stuff. She says there's only 6 more weeks of school. That must be a good thing.

See you all next month! JOSHUA

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