Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing a Terrific 2 year old!

More to come after Saturday's birthday party...

What a day!! Joshua started out cranky as all get out this morning!!! Thankfully a nice 2 hour nap made him much happier for his party. This year's party had a dog theme, since Joshua is in love with dogs. There were even 2 dogs in attendance, Sadie and Teddy. He had his kiddie pool out, and tried to get almost everyone at the party to get in with him. He would grab their hands and pull them over to the pool. Most people he dragged over there actually did stand and get their feet wet. We had a great day - Joshua is a very blessed little boy to have so many people love him.

Here's who joined us...
Grandma Mary & Grandpa Ron
Grandma Sue & Grandpa Mike
Uncle Michael, Aunt Kimberly, and Cousin ??
Uncle Paul
Great Grandma Bev & Great Grandpa Ken
Great Grandma Bohlman
Great Aunt Judy and her friend Sandy
Great Aunt Cheri
Mr. Joel, Ms. Dawn, and Miranda
"Aunt" Theresa, Talon, and Lorelai
Ms. Deb

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