Monday, July 30, 2012

Mom goes to Honduras - Day 7

Second day of school outreaches. I was feeling much better knowing that we only had a few days left before I got to see Josh.

Our program finally felt polished, and we had so much fun doing at the two schools we went to, both in the mountains. At the first school, it was a bit rainy, but we went around handing out notebooks & pencils, making balloon animals, and giving out candy and color bracelets. At the second school, the children stood in single file lines by class for the entire 20 minutes. We spent time afterward handing out supplies, candy, and bracelets. There were too many kids (405) to do balloons!

The school we ended at offered us soda from their cantina (school store) thanking us for coming. It was a nice cool refreshment after a long day. We got a chance to pray with the interim director of the school - yes, prayer is allowed in Honduran public schools, although the teachers said that the government had tried to outlaw it. The school employees fought back, saying, "without God, we are nothing". What an amazing testimony!

We ate traditional American (TGI Fridays) and headed back home to rest up for the next day and check on our sick team members. We had dropped them at the hospital in the morning to get some intravenous fluids and get checked out. When we returned, found out one likely had a case of dengue fever from a mosquito bite. Although worried about her, we were relieved it was not something we had been spreading through the house.

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