Thursday, May 24, 2007

Check us out online!

Bethany Christian Services has begun showing our profile to birthparents. The agency has hard copies of the profile, but we also have an online version. You can check it out here: Bohlman Adoption Profile. If you hear of anyone interested in making an adoption plan, feel free to direct them to this site.

We continue to attend adoption classes. Tomorrow, we’ll be attending a class about Lifebooks, which are a way of documenting an adopted child’s life. In June, we have a class about discipline. We’ll see how close Chris and I are in our parenting philosophy! We continue to prepare our baby’s nursery, and look forward to adding the final touch.

That said, we have to continue to live life as normal, so I’ll be teaching summer school and we’re planning on some short vacations this summer. Anything we plan is easily cancelled! Your continued prayers and encouragement are appreciated.

Much love – Chris & Rachel

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Sarah said...

Rachel, I recently found the pregnancy crisis center down here and will let them know about your blog and site with Bethany Christian Services. Next weekend (June 1-2) we will be having a yard sale and I have assembled two gift bags full of goodies for each a boy and a girl. I am going to sell raffle tickets for them and donate all the proceeds to the center. Any of the baby items that do not sell will be donated as well.

God is so good, I had been wondering about a center like this one, one that doesn't support abortion but offers post-abortion counciling, and the next day at church, they were handing out bottles to save up loose change to donate to the center! How good is that!?!

Also, want to let you know, on another note, Dave is beginning to soften his heart to God. He has seen all that God has done to work out our finances and can only say, "there must be something to it all." Praise the Lord!!!

Love ya, will keep praying for you.