Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nursery Pictures

Here's Chris working on the valance for us....he had to leave for work, but he got it started and gave us some tips on how to attach it to the wall. Dad (Mike) made the valance, and mom (Sue) covered it with the cute material in the table skirt. Chris also got involved with the painting when his mom came down to help, and he's been a big help keeping the room tidy and clean and ready at a moment's notice for baby!

Chris also helped hang some small shelves to put cute stuffed animals on. If you look behind him, above the window, you can see that great valance he was working on. We're quite proud of how we hung that, but we don't let any of the guys look up behind it to see the long as it stays up, that's what matters, right? I think we spent about an hour at Ace Hardware trying to figure out what to do!!

This is the changing you can see the Sesame Street theme has gone a little crazy!! Rachel went through an Elmo phase in college, and we love they dark cherry wood and all the primary colors. Mom (Sue) and Rachel had a great time fixing things up and putting together the furniture. Mom (Mary) helped us paint the room a beautiful bright yellow. How special that both Grandmas-to-be got to be involved with their grandbaby's room!

Here's the crib....ain't it cute????!!! We also love this wallpaper border - it has all our favorite Sesame Street characters' faces and autographs. We won't be using this closet for baby, unless we figure out some other place to put all the stuff in it!! Instead, we got a beautiful matching cherry armoire (no picture yet!) to hold baby clothes and other things. Mom (Sue) made the bed skirt and table skirts. We found the bedding - and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find Sesame Street stuff that's not pastel. We also now have a bright red rug on the floor.

That's it for now...we haven't taken pictures since we added the red rug, the armoire, the toy net, and the snuffleupagus...maybe you'll just have to come see for yourself!!


Deb said...

Chris looks like a proud Daddy to me!
I'm so pleased that you found a Snuffleupagus. The nursery wouldn't have been complete without him.
Love Deb

Brant & Karna said...

I wouldn't mind being the baby in that's adorable. Our prayers continue with yours for that special child to come soon.

Blessings & love,

Brant & Karna