Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

It seems like it's not possible that 2008 starts tomorrow. It will take me at least until March to get used to writing 08 instead of 07. I have declared 2008 the YEAR OF HOPE. 2007 was an interesting year - not anything like I would have expected. I honestly thought back at this time last year that surely we would have our baby by now. We were living quite happily in our old schoolhouse and had our nursery all decorated. Chris found a great new job close to home that he started in January 2007. I finished up my first year in the DeForest schools and finally, didn't have to look for a job. Chris had surgery on his nose just before my 30th birthday. I was taking classes at Edgewood College to finish my ESL certification. Our approval went through with the adoption agency and we were officially on the list. We attended several adoption classes and were hoping things would happen soon for us.

As you know, in August - things went a bit nuts....some by our own choice and some not. We got this crazy idea in our heads to look for a new home and found one with 3weeks of serious looking. At the same time, we got the call about Daniel. We were preparing for a move, driving back and forth to Milwaukee, and beginning preparations for some time off at work. By Thanksgiving, as you know, we had moved, and Daniel had gone home as well.

As I sat around the Christmas table with my family this year, we were rejoicing that all 8 of our family could be there. My grandparents are getting older, and we treasure every year we have with them. I HOPE for 9 around the table next year. Chris hopes for 10, but we won't go there!

In 2008, I expect great things. We have jobs that we enjoy and are secure. We have a wonderful new home to make our own. I'm finished with my classes through Edgewood, and finished with a 4.0. We're still on the list at the agency. Things could happen quickly, as they did before, or unfold more slowly over time. I'll take whatever comes, hopefully with joy in my heart, though maybe not always a smile on my face. I have wonderful friends, an incredible church family, and the best family and family-in-law one could ask for. Blessings abound already, but even if I never receive any more, the joy of knowing Jesus is enough.


Anonymous said...

Rachel & Chris,

Your positive attitude towards all that has passed and all that lies ahead will see you through whatever the coming year may throw your way.

God bless you both and we also pray that this will be the year your blessings will include one (or two) with fingers and toes!


Dad B.

Sarah Wilde said...

You are always on my heart and I look forward to reading your updates. I hate that we are so far away, but we are working on that.

God bless you both! We hope to be able to ring in 2009 a little closer to our Wisconsin family and friends.


The Wilde family