Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Our profile was shown today. It was so weird - I was thinking all the way home from work yesterday that our social worker was going to call, and when I got home, there was a voice mail on my cell. When there are unusual situations that come up with birthmoms, they check with families to see if we want our profiles shown or not. We got the details, and gave the go ahead to show it. The birthmom ended up going with a family that has had several failed matches. I thought about it all day today - I allowed hope to creep in - and I don't regret it. I'm glad she picked a family that has had lots of chances, and missed every time - I can't imagine going through it more than once. I know God picked that family for that baby - and it makes me happy. As much as we wanted to get picked, it wasn't right yet. But the hope isn't a bad thing - after all "hope deferred makes the heart sick", right? If you refuse to hope for anything, then what joy is there?

We hope to hear something soon about the perfect match for us.

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Dr. Pepper Rose said...

I can't wait, I know it's going to happen soon!