Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sticker Chart

Joshua has started his first sticker chart here at home. While many children begin their sticker charts with some chores, my son gets stickers for NOT BITING!!! He's been biting other kids at daycare, sometimes while pretending to be a puppy, and other times just because.

So - we started a sticker chart. And remind him about 28 times a day "NO BITING". We called a bunch of people and had him tell them the rule. He has 3 stickers so far. He's working for a trip to "Dawos". Any guesses what that is??

I'm told by his doctor that biting is quite normal - but it's not what I want to hear. It's tough with a playful puppy at home to differentiate.

In other news, he's doing really well - I can't even keep track of how many words he knows now. Tonight he asked to read his Bible. We pray every night - something like this (he repeats after me) Dear Jesus, help me sleep. Help me be good. I love my mama. I love my dada. I love you Jesus. Night night. Amen.

On our walk the other day, we were looking at the moon and the trees and talking about how God made them all and that God lives in heaven up where the moon is. He said he wants to go to heaven. Someday, buddy, someday!

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Kimberly said...

Maybe "Dawos" means "Carlo's" from the Cake Boss. :) Bring me back a cake!