Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I didn't post for Christmas - too busy! So it's December 27, and if I'm lucky, Josh will sleep for a few more minutes and let me finish this post!

I am SO blessed. I've always been a "what-if" girl, building castles in the air of what might have been. At times it has caused me to lose sight of the blessings right in front of me.

God is encouraging me to focus on what's here - not on what was or could have been - but what is - and how glorious it is. Even the mundane things are blessings from His hand.

Life is full - Josh will be 3 and a half soon, and he is so full of life and energy. I am continually amazed by the things he says and does. He's growing a heart of gratitude - thanking people when they do things for him or give him things.

My job is good - most days, I still enjoy going to work! :) The political and economical environment have caused some stress and anxiety, but I am grateful to have a job, and know that God will see us through.

Chris & I celebrated 9 years of marriage - truly amazing, I think. There have been good times and bad times, but I'm grateful to God for him.

My focus in the new year will be on thankfulness and gratitude. It's one of the things that our pastor said helps keep the spirit of Christmas all year. Less complaining, more praise and thanks.

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