Saturday, March 3, 2012

Someone to watch over me

Josh had a bad dream the other night - something about talking cars and being scared. (No, we weren't watching Cars). My mom was here, and he was calling for mama and grandma. So we went up to help him get back to sleep. He was laying in his bed and crying a bit, and I was rubbing his back. Grandma and I offered to pray for him to help him go back to sleep, and we reminded him that he can always pray to Jesus when he's scared. He was still a little sniffly, and we said we would pray "in our minds" to help him get to sleep. I continued rubbing his back, and a sweet smile came over his face and he started nodding. He said, "It's ok, mom, the angels are coming now to help me."

He went back to sleep with not another peep the whole night.

I love my Jesus - how amazing to send that comfort to a little one.

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