Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter season

I love watching Joshua react to the things about Easter he is able to understand. Of course, he loves hunting eggs, and coloring eggs, and visiting the Easter bunny. We also went to our church's Easter production. He was very curious if that man was really Jesus, and why the other man had the same name as our dog (Simon). Afterward, he was wide-eyed going up to shake Jesus's hand. On the way home, he prayed, "Dear Jesus, please be my best friend. Amen."

Today, we were watching an animated version of the crucifixion and resurrection. It was age appropriate, but when the soldiers were whipping Jesus (off-screen - you could only see the soldiers), I was telling him that the men were hurting Jesus. His eyes got teary and he said, "That's enough, momma. They should stop." After Jesus died, he prayed, "Dear Jesus, please don't stay dead." I get tears in my eyes just writing it. Of course, we cheered and danced when the stone rolled away, and Jesus was alive again. He also wanted to know if Jesus was God and where He was going when he ascended into the sky. He thought it might be scary to do that himself.

His understanding develops more every year, and it's precious to see a heart of love for Jesus growing in my little boy. There are so many things to teach him; but most of all, I want him to know and understand Christ's overwhelming love for him.

(Forgot to mention - the other night, he dumped an entire bowl full of water out of the bathtub on to the floor. When asked why, he said because he wanted me to come in there. He also was in the back seat the other day saying "mama??" When I responded, he said, "wasn't talking to you - was talking to my truck." (Who was evidently the mom in his game.) The next time he said mama, I naturally didn't respond - but now he persisted in saying it, and finally said "Rachel!" to get me to answer him. Sigh....he's getting too smart for me!)

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