Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mom goes to Honduras - day 3

Friday was a slower day. Headed back up the mountain to do more medical work and some construction. We went to a different village where an American missionary named Charlie lived. We set up the medical clinic and supply distribution in his home, and several team members went up the hill a bit more to work with concrete block and masonry on a home for a village family. I stayed to help in the medical clinic because of the injury to my knee the night before. I logged patient complaints, helped count out pills, poured water, and did whatever else I could to help.

We had resolved not to be caught in a similar situation leaving the mountain as the night before, so wrapped up around 2:00. It was hard turning people away, but it had been raining all morning, and we needed to be back on paved roads before dark.

We ate at a mall food court - such a weird transition between poverty on the mountain, and a typical American scene in the city - albeit with armed guards at the entrance and patrolling the inside. There was a caricature artist walking around, and a friend and I paid him 25 Lempiras each (about $1.25) and hopefully contributed to his meal that day. The cartoon was interesting, and will probably never see the light of day.

Spent the rest of the day back at the house, resting, talking, calling home, and bagging the beans, rice, and cornmeal into small bags to hand out. It was good to have some downtime just being together...heavy day ahead on Saturday.