Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom goes to Honduras - day 1

I'm going to hijack my Josh blog for a bit so I can blog about my recent missions trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Pictures are available at

We left late Tuesday night June 12 for a 5:30 a.m flight out of Chicago. Didn't sleep on the church van or the plane. Arrived in Miami for the second leg of our journey, and realized we had been upgraded to first class - the whole team. I can cross something off my bucket list now! It was a little blessing from God before our long week. The airport in Tegus is one of the trickiest in the world to land in, since the runway is surrounded by mountains. It didn't seem that bad to us, until we looked out the window as we turned, and there was only about 50 feet of runway left.

We were met at the airport by Soyla, the missionary who runs the ministry we were working with, and our bus driver, Tito, as well as a family of Hondurans who help Soyla out when she is in country. She lives in Texas and makes it to Honduras about twice a month. She rents a place in the city where we were all able to stay...close quarters with 7 girls on 4 bunk beds with narrow aisles in between, but it contributed to the family feeling.

After stopping at the house to drop off our things, we went to a nearby marketplace to buy large 100 pound bags of rice, beans, and cornmeal to be separated into smaller bags and handed out throughout our time there. Ate some dinner at good old American Pizza Hut and returned to the house.

We were given the option of going to church that night, and although I was bone tired, I decided to go- knowing I was not likely to understand much of anything. 6 of us set out, along with 2 honorary team members, Lisa from Texas and Marty from Georgia, as well as our Honduran hosts. It was a good service...Lisa translated the sermon for us, so that helped. They were very excited to have North Americans there and wanted to take our pictures afterward.

It was spring break for the schools, so we had to change our plans a bit for Thursday and Friday, but it gave us time to refine our program for the kids. Fell into an exhausted sleep around 11 pm.

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