Monday, July 14, 2014

No sweet, just bitter

At 3 pm on Friday, July 11th, Carolyn went back to her birth family.  It was heart wrenching for all of us.  We had 12 days to parent her, and in those 12 days we fell in love, although we knew the possibility of temporary was always there.

I got the call Friday morning, and my mom and I dropped her off later that afternoon.  I also returned all the things the hospital had given us as well as some items the birth parents gave us.  The birth parent counselor was there as well.  I did not cry when I gave the baby to her mother, but cried as soon as I got outside.

We pray that Carolyn's birth parents will be equipped to parent her, financially, emotionally, and physically.  We pray for her health and safety, and that she will be raised to know Jesus.  I left a letter for her, but I don't know if she will ever see it.

I am no longer able to receive updates, but the last I heard she was doing fine.  God bless and keep you, little one.  I love you!

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