Thursday, October 18, 2007

No weapon formed...

I spoke with the resident doctor today. They did an MRI and are evidently concerned because Daniel doesn't have as many brain folds as they think he should have. They've run more tests and once the results are back, will be gathering a team of specialists to evaluate his test results and what should be done about them. It could be that he simply needs more time. The doctor said after 2 months they should see more, but I argue that he's only 35 weeks old...brain folds come with maturity and could be simply needing more. It also could be a fairly serious developmental disability, in which he would never really progress past infancy mentally.

Chris and I are trying really hard to be positive. Daniel's beautiful, he weighs 4 pounds now, he's started digesting his food better, his ventilator settings were lowered. This neurological issue is a big hurdle, but not bigger than God. My biggest concern, that is making my heart break, is I don't know if we can handle a severe developmental disability. What if we have to say no - we can't take him....after we've fallen in love with's so hard.

We are praying for a miracle. I'm fasting this weekend to pray for OUR SON! No weapon formed against him shall prosper....we are more than conquerors...God knows every cell in his body and can make them whole and complete and astound doctors and nurses beyond the limits of their training. Will you please pray with us? Will you pray for our son, please? Pray that he is whole and healthy - I don't care if he's brilliant or athletic or handsome - but I do hope for him that he is free from pain and sickness and able to love and be loved and understand the beauty of life and family.

I want to visit him on Sunday and be filled with joy over the wonder of my beautiful boy, not sadness over what might be. Chris and I need strength and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Praying in agreement with you. Matthew 18:19-20
19 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20 For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”
Robyn Baerenwald

Grandma Bohlman said...

We indeed are joining you in prayer for Daniel,your son and our grandbaby. Always remember that "Nothing is impssible with God." We love you and will stand with you in faith through this.

Grandma & Grandpa B

Victorious1 said...

I am praying for all 3 of you!

~Vicki Stagliano

Sarah Wilde said...

I understand the fears you have! I went through the same issues when we had to monitor Shawn's growth and development in the womb because Dave and I can pass on Cystic Fibrosis (usually don't live past 12y).

Here is another promise to stand on: "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. ~ Ps 37:4

I will lift you all in prayer!

May our Lord grant you a peace that He will be your strength no matter what happens!

We love you!
Sarah & Family

Kathy said...

Chris and Rachel-
We will pray for both of you and little Daniel. I will also put you three in the prayer chain at Bethesda Christian Fellowship...
"God picked you out because he knew, how safe his child would be with you" me any time if you two need anything at all.

Kathy Dillman