Sunday, October 14, 2007

Video of Daniel


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy!! I'm so happy for you. We're praying for him so he'll be out of the hospital and in your arms at home as soon as possible!!!
~Sarah & Poncho

Kathy Dillman said...

Chris and Rachel-

Hes so cute...he has so much hair!! I will pray that he gets off the vent soon and has strength and health in the days soon ahead!

Kathy D.

Julie said...

He looks so sweet! We are praying for Daniel too.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled for you!!! Your precious baby is finally here - and you already got to change his diaper. YAY!!! All of the moments are and will always be overwhelmingly wonderful! My prayers are with you both and your sweet baby Daniel.

Love you much - Aunt Sharon