Friday, July 29, 2011


Received our packet of application paperwork from Bethany Christian Services...are you ready?

It's 56 pages (most double sided).

Ever wondered what's included?? Here you go...
First of all, there was an online preliminary application including basic information (took about 5 minutes to fill out). Then an online formal application. This requests our basic info, work info, references, church affiliation, basic financial info, etc. (sort of like a job application). Then comes the 56 page packet, which includes...
* 1 page cover letter
* 1 page of instructions
* 1 list of paperwork included
* 1 page contract
* 2 separate 3 page background information disclosure forms from the state of Wisconsin (1 for each of us)
* 1 page permission to obtain public records
* 5 pages of fingerprint cards, instructions, and waivers
* 2 separate 1 page religious assessment questionnaires (1 for each of us)
* 2 copies of Bethany's Statement of Faith (1 for each of us)
* 2 copies of the appeal procedure (1 to keep, 1 to send back)
* 2 copies of 4 page self study form (1 for each of us) asking questions like what our goals are as parents, why we want to adopt, our strengths and experiences, descriptions of Josh and our parenting styles, etc.
* 2 copies of 1 page family history data (1 for each of us)
* 1 page statement of understanding that we will let them know if anything major changes in our family
* 1 page parental discipline policy
* 1 page adoption release and consent form
* 1 page affidavit of health insurance coverage
* 1 page release of confidential information form
* 1 page adoption study agreement
* 1 page statement of intent specified by our wills
* 2 copies of 11 page SAFE Questionnaire asking about our childhoods, marriage, jobs, health, etc.
* 2 copies of 3 page physician's report (1 for each of us)
* 3 page physician's report on Joshua

Once we submit all of that and $2000, we can start this process again. Any guesses why they call this stage being "paper pregnant"? If only all parents had this kind of extensive study done before being allowed to raise children. Any takers?? :) It's going to take us a while to wade through all of this. And it's only the beginning. We'll keep you posted.

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