Monday, August 1, 2011

Beginning with the End

Remember all that paperwork? I did the last one first - the Physician's report on Joshua.

Joshua had his 3 year old check up at the doctor today. He is 36.5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. She said he was very bright and was amazed at how much he had to say. He got one shot. They will be doing an asthma and allergy work up on him due to some coughing/wheezing episodes he's been having for the last few months. Eczema and asthma are related, so we're guessing that's what it is. He goes to the allergist in 2 weeks, and until then, will be trying an albuterol inhaler.

Otherwise, he's completely amazing, and according to the doctor's report, there is nothing about his health that would interfere with another child entering our home. Ok, so we already knew that, but it feels good to have one paper over and done with. Now for the other 50 or so...

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Kimberly said...

Yeah! Should we start a count down? 1 down, 55 double sided pages to go. I'll help how ever I can. :)